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Anti Gravity Photography. - 4

so as we asked above that, what thing gives stranth(hard work) to our convexes to pull light.

then,answer made that,that object produce its light hundrade percent,but our convexes gets it within of fifty to eighty percents only.and just some far of point blank evan we can not claim of look matter hundrad percent.

then where gose other lights!!!!!!!!!!

now this is last episod ,so dear reader friends we have go on this knows rute very care why,we will get antigravity foto graphy perfectly.

as we said there that all hills are call covered in anti gravity.

and all most above of some then sea leval evan is call anti gravity
in these locations mostly tempratury is leaving low in comperitive of grounds.
now whicch reliable asks by our topic is come able to move ahed.

so our confusion was that,still if we dont know that ,which thimble by object"s light not comes to us in full percentage!!

if there simply heppening of object"s light cinvexed by us and thats all!!
then there is nothing is remained for convexes to be a loose once.
but our convexes straches them for pull objects light for hundrade percent vision.
yet this thing is not heppening there!!
why,and what is suppose there!!

earth is convex on its every degree.
as a all same the solaars are too.

but what for made this convex exactly or perticular!!
then may be for absarb a sun light.
any way, we ware some another way,
that what thimble is make possible to not let heppen send object light hundrade percent to convex!!

at the time.of its born light is in shap of convex, i mean a "BALL" and earth is allso in shape of "BALL" at its every degree.

we can not niglate that possiblity,were on some planet ,there is more gravity then us ,then may be our convexes come more earliya loos then earth there!!!!

do we know how,and why!!
lets take kniw that.

as, we asked there ,that what thimble by our convexes has come to more strach for good vision.
so some way some light of object is going another were.
then what is that another place!!

friends,we have seen magnat straps in camaras.
why this thing we put in camaras??

and by only that thing"magnet" we came pull out foto.
then what is this !!
same thing our convexes also douing !!

then what is there!!

every lights haveing a transprant magatic fild in it self .
and when we do front camera,then magnet pull our light within a short secons.
same thing our convex is also doing.

but we ware in asks of where other lights gose ,which has to meet us in full percentage!!
then answe is that,object's other light is gravits our earth.
but how this procigure come complite!!
then answer is,every were ther in central between of object and convex,there is living gravitation station to pull a particular light.

some how we both in front of each other,then in center of we both there is living gravitatiin station to pull our boths light particular. or can say that station come exist it self.or we can say there is could be a comman or mutual gravitatiin. that works in dos this particular.

so some percent light gose to groung and our convexex get it within of only 50 to 80 percent light only.

now this so call is gravity fotography.

but what is anti gravity fotography,still we have it un knows.

now ,we saisd that hills are call in anti gravity. but as we know that,two convexex or two concaves do front of each other ,then it makes a gravity.
and both trys to oull each other.

but what anti gravity rule says!!

two convexes(hills) to put them on the top of each other is ,genrates anti gravity.and these both convexex throws each other for fars.

now what will happen when we put one more convex in between of object and convex in as high of they both.
then thet extra convex will try crudh earth gravity to throw it for fars.and that much earth gravity will come loose or low and our convex will come get 0.thousand 01 percent more good vision then traditional.

friends ,so this call anti gravity fotography.
but honestly i dont have still any practical done.

thank you very much.

your friend and inveto,r anti gravity foro graphy,


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