Anti Gravity Photography. - 3 books and stories free download online pdf in Gujarati

Anti Gravity Photography. - 3

still we are apsulutly less dhen known how much we should have actualy, to understand anti gravity photography

so very sincerely we wilk move on this topic.and honestly too.

till here we some thing percent got provens of light"s gravitations.

that yes, lught can also be cone gravited.

so on some turm earth gravit light is come prove on paper.

becouse we still have dont any practical.

but i hope we all will take this talk as more faith full then its proven practicals

now little bit ahed.

as we discus above that ,every matters produce its light.
evan at dark ness too.
no dabout!!

but our theyory is. based on anti gravity fotography.
so how it come made exactly, the anti gravity photo graphy.

we discus above that suppose earth gravit to sun light.
and we all traditiobaly know that also,that every matters haves its own light.
evan,dark too.

so what do you think now...............................

what could be possible there.!!

friends ,suppose there some comman or only one method being in principal,gravity.
that matters comes back to earth ,and at surface they gets stops.
but what about,principal to gravit lights evan, too!!

we think that ,matters produce their lights and we convexly gravit it, thats it??

no............... just a big no.
then what is there!!

as we all kniw that electricity and sky lightnings gets grounds.
so what is this too.
this is also the gravity of transprants.

in traditional or we can say in convexes givan natural foto graphy or to look matters, there is nothing living like anti foto graphy.and in that way our eye crystle come depritiated in kind of lost its stracheblity.

but still question is that,that if there comes lights of object to us through conve'x gravity.then evan convex has still nothing made do for to be a a loose once.

then what thing gives to convex stranth for gravit the lights!! and aftee hard work it come loose!!
but before it some back and revision too.
that ,how can it possible that in millions of degree temperature sun gives temperatured light to us of between just only 40 to 50 degree!!

and that evan ,as pear earth requirment??
no ,but the rather earth knows its need and as per its needs it gravit the sun light,thats all.

we think sun lights us then all nearest of sun planet has to burning all the time ,in just like next of sun .

but this is not heppening there becouse ,that planet is also gravit sun light as per its needs evan!!

if we thake brith satisfied then once again lets take moves on this topic .

we traditional that suppose marcury is nearest of sun and as per this way it has to hot in thousands of degree.
but this is also not heppening there .
becouse ,suppose murcury is also absorb sun light as per its needs.

so this was en example only.
and evan in solar system there is all unevans of hit and lows.
becouse all planets are absorb sun light as per their needs.
so i think this thing is enough for belive in lights gravitation.

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