Anti Gravity Photography. - 2 - A theory, THE GRAVITED LIGHT books and stories free download online pdf in Gujarati

Anti Gravity Photography. - 2 - A theory, THE GRAVITED LIGHT

as we discus above that,principal,gravity is omni presant,evan at transperants,like god, cosmos,light and every trans looks.
we think here on earth suppose one or comman gravity is living,but may be there would be many kinds of gravity categury,and one of them by earth can gravit the sun light!!

as we know there in deep stomach of earth, are thousand kinds of minarals, and they all minarals haves their initial gravity power. may be one of them would been able to gravit sun light!!
sorry, but dont mind ,we ware talking about ,the perposes of solaars gravitys,so this thing come made very simple ,that if we dont have that focus strap ,then we have come move on that thing,that gravity of earth can attrects any transperant things evan!!
evan and that thing is the sunlight could be a!!
if we once come belive the truth of this,then there is one undiscovered thing also awaite ,and that thing is , the convexes of eyes!!!!!

as we know,ebery animatss haveing eyes in shape of convex only.
suppose ,the animats this paturn is also univercal.
any way,but what is the reason of this!!

friends,dont mind but,matter can produce its light can nevar gives its light to others.
if it has come give light,then to how many it has come made!!!

it counts of millions!

but truth is that we the rather gravit the light by our convex eyes, and with surprising,at the time of born light is also been in shape of convex.

and gravity rule says two convexes in front and two concaves in fronts,are pulling to each other.and who is heavy,is win.
and with,great,great surprise earth and sun both are been in shape of convex in front each other.
so it is possible that earth gravit some thing from sun!!
and that thing is may be sun light!!

second thing is also that in favour of this topic,that, if object has to send its light to us then our eye crystel has nothing start or remain do work.
but ,the rather eye crystle gravit the lites and doing work,and thats why once it comes depritiat in kind of lost his strachablity.and our vision comes low.not objects light comming low!!

so this talk is also call in favour of this theory.that objects are not sending their lights,but eyes the rather gravits their lights,and same way,sun is not lighting us , earth the rather gravit sun light.

so ,sun is only produce the light,but to gravit it,the solaarars are.
so ,no object in univarce there can able to focus or force its light to make us look.
only eyes the rather make it possible.!!
not only by its crystle only,but by some natural tachnics, to gravits the objects light. to....... pull it out.

so,this was the rule of gravity.
but now what is call anti gravity!!

this thing also that much important.ti mive more on this topic.

all hills and all mountains are come count in as anti gravity.

every gravity has temprature of initial from 120 till150 degree plus.
and every anti gravity has tamprature of initial,from 120 to 150 degree minus.

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