Globel Communism One Step Ahed In Globlaisation - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in Gujarati

Globel Communism One Step Ahed In Globlaisation - 1.

now ,we refered above that a lots and varriants of mavhinearys brought out a communism.
which was pronaunsing that the runners of machinerys and owners of machinearys ,both are same.

no one is lower then each other.

mow ,we have seen there above that,whech instruments by they both mega ideologys got their runs and evan at most successfully.
i mean communism ,was by machinerys and rampants(globlaisation) was by super calcutar,i mean a computer.

now ,our asks, are that ,so what is call communism and what is call a globle communism?

we take belive that communism was in curage of machinerys and globlaisation was in with computer.

but, what instrument hold globle communism in it self ,for its walks and rampants too!!
then answer is,a "self currancy"

or can say the anti fangus ,or we can say it as a socialaisation.

but mostly ,globle communism's run and its success is pronounced by self currancy banking,only.
after the arrives of paper currancy,how ever there was under world still a unsolved subject.

and in they both there was no looks of solutions or compromise at under worldd.

some ware rampant's comercelism did sturilise to under world and throw it out of social horizons.
but it was still breathing and some ware using the constitunal currancy, for purchase armes and some illigle drugs and heroins.

so in that way ,rampant evan was not liiking strong in frint this priblem to solve it or make him convuence for deoritiate some non sicial works .
becouse untill rampant do prevant its currancys in let pass for the under worls, crime has not still to die .
we invented a degital currancy.but once that degital currancy has come in to hand cash converted. and that hand cash may be once gose ti the wrong hands.
we have no any record keeping method of they currabcy or any ither solution for the not let pass our currancy to the under wirld.
mow, from the libration of indian democracy ,till to day,we publushed many genratiins of currancys.

and yet still we have no any knows of ,how many currancys are in kind of dead economy( black money) and how many useing it under world!!
and now some that, why is call black money a dead economy.
becouse ,we can not use it very casualy or eusyky or we can not round it in many frequant.

just for an example,if we round ligle money 3 or 4 time in a year,then wr will get its grouth of dunnle in anuals.

but black money,we can not use it and not evan wr can oerchase products at 100% down payment.
and at the tanse if regular demonitiasation it come declaired a lost economy.

we will nevar get it back and that much list value's prise rise will get stebals till next demonitaisations.

and infact ,demonitaisation is such as not that elinent,which through we come get our over seas currancys back.

so demonitaisation just can give us peace from curraption and currancy trafficing for a short time.
but after some time ,been in state of un recorded currancy we come endured by curraptions and lost of currancys for its deads

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