Shishir Ramavat

Shishir Ramavat માતૃભારતી ચકાસાયેલ







તમારા વિષે

Shishir Ramavat is a Mumbai -based Gujarati novelist-columnist-playwright. He has written 3 novels - Vikrant (serialized in Abhiyaan), Mane Andhara Bolave... Mane Ajwala Bolave (serialized in Chitralekha) and Apurn-viram (serialized in Sandesh). All three novels - also published in book form - have been hugely successful. His essays have been compiled in a book form titled as Falak . He has also transcreated The Spirit of Laggan - a book written by Satyajit Bhatkal describing the making of Oscar-nominated Lagaan - into Gujarati. His already concluded column Hollywood 100 - the most important world classics you must watch in this lifetime in Mumbai Samachar will be out it a book form soon. The selected articles of Mulitplex column have been published in a book form with same name. He has been writing three columns in Sandesh - including Take-off and Multiplex . He also writes Vanchava Jevu , a book review column in Chitralekha. Shirshir Ramavat has written full-length plays for both ma

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