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Hello This is Pravina Avinash Kadakia from Houston TX. Writing is my hobby. Really speaking my Oxygen. Started writing from 1996. Writing is my budy in lonliness. Have written six novels. Also few chapters in 50 Books of Sahiyaru Sarjan . In which there is a lead writer ,who selects the story of novel and five to seven writers write the chapters. In Vichar Yatra published by Maulik from Ahmedabad ,one article ,I write every month. The news paper published from Toranto, Canada Mr. Lalit Soni is Publishing Novel name Jagine JOu to . Have lots of other hobbies too. Teaching Yoga in seniors center. Went to India at the age of 63 Stayed in the university and got my degree in Yoga. Demonstrating Indian Vegeterian cooking twice a month. Americans love our food. Doing ceramics from last 12 years. I think ths is enough. pravina Avinash Kadakia

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