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if someone hurts you, how do you tackle the situation?

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Atith thi juda thvu jaruri che...
Past is a good place to visit and not to stay...

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Dosti mein No Sorry, No Thank You....
Is this actually a right way to think?
Su "Sorry" & "Thank You" matr formality mate j che?

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Back Liners who made an impact during the COVID crisis

With all the new year greetings of 2020, we were hoping 2021 to surprise us with some great relief and escape from COVID-19. Hitting with the second wave - struggling with new normal made 2021 a disaster. But as every cloud has a silver lining, in this rough phase, the front-line- backline workers made survival easy for us.
I would like to take a moment and thank the back liners whose contribution shall not remain unsung. Just giving it a thought, would it be possible for us to get enough food supplies if the farmers weren't ready to risk their lives during a pandemic, for shipping the food grains they were constantly coming in contact with numerous people, they stood up for nation - what an inspiration they are!
Spouses & families of all the front-line workers, who not only motivated front-line workers but helped the front-line workers to complete their responsibility. Whenever a front-line returned home from their duty, there were high chances of near and dear ones getting exposed to COVID-19.
The security guards of every home, society, & place played a significant role in keeping people safe-maintaining SOP, sanitizing visitors, checking their temperature without fear of getting infected by a virus. Even during the lockdown, they were doing their duties.

From policymakers, disaster managers, social clubs to every individual who kept 'Service above Self'

Vvidhi Gosalia
(One who is sitting comfortably at home because of the front & back liners)

વધુ વાંચો

સ્ત્રીને પરાધીન સમજવાની ભૂલ ન કરવી

આજની વાત માત્ર મહિલાઓએ જ નહીં પણ દરેક પુરુષોએ જાણવી અને સમજવાની જરૂર છે...

વધુ વાંચો
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Life means Never ending expectations and endless experiences.


જીવન એટલે સઘર્ષ કરાવતી સવાર અને સંતોષ આપતી સાંજ

કોઈ તમારી ફરીયાદ કરે એવું કામ ન કરવું, પણ કોઈ તમને ફરી યાદ કરે એવુ કામ ચોક્કસ કરવું