living beautiful life....Don't Expect From Any Person Regarding Any Thing.....plz No DM

We didn't realize we were making memories,
We just knew we were having fun...

फिर भी वो लम्हे तुम लेते आना
आधे-अधूरे से जो छूटे थे
तारे भी वो सारे लेते आना
जो हमने देखा था की टूटे थे ...

Destiny is the another name of coincidence
And no one can fight with destiny,
From life to death, destiny is the only thing which stays with us.
No one can escape the sight of density, neither density itself.

"Remember there is a cost for every story in your life.
A cost for making your life better, a cost for not making your life better.
And its you who will have to pay for it. So decide carefully, what you want.
Which story you want to tell?"

મળી જાય તો વાત લાંબી.....
વિખુટા પડે તો યાદ લાંબી.....
એનું નામ જ " મિત્રતા"

“कल के अफसोस से अच्छा है
की जो आपके पास अभी है
उसकी कदर कर लो...."

Wo jate jate mujhe kuch yu badal gaye
Lafzo ko mere dard baate sikha gaye.

Events are not in our control,
But our experience are-
We can choose how
We see those events

Bade Ajeeb hai ye Zindagii ke raaste,
Anjaane mod par kuchh log Dost ban jate Hain