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Another awesome book by Sudeep Nagarkar "You are the password to my life". It more focuses on friendship than relationaship. And it also ends with a terrifying accident which changes the life of all the characters. Another sad end but it is what Sudeep Nagarkar popular for. I love that book very much❤.

વધુ વાંચો

She friend-zoned my love
One of the best books of Sudeep Nagarkar. Love his writing so much. He has a unique skill of converting feelings into words. It is the story of friendship and relationship. I ended up crying. Without a doubt it is worth reading book.

Never be dependent on one person because if they fail to be by your side, you will lose all your strength. You’ll be buried under the weight of it all, waiting for that one person to pull you up. If they fail to show up, you’ll be crushed. Learn to make your scars your strength instead.

વધુ વાંચો

Spring would not have been so important if it had not been autumn. So good things are being worthful until bad things exists..

When you start a new journey you have to consider two things: path and destination. If the path is beautiful, think about where it leads to... But if the destination is beautiful, do not care about the path...

In history we learn lot about kings and their deeds. But behind every king there is a queen. But she haven't got much attention by people and she remains UNSUNG WARRIOR. Sad but true...

Where there is faith there is no space for questions...

આજે ઘણા વર્ષો પછી આટલું સાફ આકાશ જોયું. effect of lockdown...

Respect each other's privacy is the foundation of building successful relationships.

Sometimes people do not interfere in private life of their loved one's. Why??.. not because they can't but they don't want to. Because they know if they found something unexpected then the relationship will not be the same..