Hey, I am reading on Matrubharti!

એક અજનબી અપના સા..4

Your story explanation is too good....just like i m watching movie...

એક અજનબી અપના સા..3


એક અજનબી અપના સા...2

I m really very excited for the next part.....

એક અજનબી અપના સા... 1

Always you write a different 'and amazing story & your writing ahhh.....awesome

ધ મર્ડર 5

your stroy's twist and turn really good that make such a instesting story....

ધ મર્ડર 4

your story become more n more interesting 'n that thing hook up me with your story...

ધ મર્ડર 3

i just love it.....

ધ મર્ડર 2

i just love the story, waiting for the next part...

ધ મર્ડર - ભાગ-1

suspense story...

પ્રેમ - શક્તિ કે કાયરતા 6

i have no word for the story but one thing i can tell you, moral of the story is so true..young generation have to understand this...all things you described beautifully,i just love it....

વધુ વાંચો